DIMIS is a creative team dedicated to inspiring fresh thinking. We are highly trained professionals committed to working with our clients to solve problems and anticipate future needs.

We are inspired to collaborate with those who are excited by new ideas, and who seize the potential for powerful communication in today’s world.

We strive to improve the communities we live in. We believe that branding is fundamentally about connecting people. Our mission is to make design delightful and memorable in today’s fast paced world. To create your contemporary yet timeless brand, we bring our years of experience and our understanding of upcoming trends.


You want to achieve better visibility on the market, better bond with customers and better engagement of your employees? You want to build a recognizable brand that will be a leader in its category?

We bring all the building blocks to the table and assemble them for you into a brand idea that suites and soothes all your professional and entrepreneurship needs.

We didn’t just pile up these blocks, they are key elements that have been carefully thought through and each is hand-picked for a reason – creation, exchange of ideas, business improvement and development, environment estimate and positioning, social analysis, positive attitude, academic and expert knowledge, experience and overall satisfaction with the results we bring to our clients is everything that DIMIS stands for.


For every project there is the clear process that enables blocks to be arranged in a right way without loosing its creativity and always with the focus on the market and customers.

The process is simple, no need for philosophy. Steps are light and the road is easy, when you know where you are going.

Step one, which is market analysis and insight definition, we define your target group, your competition, current state of your brand and how is your brand suppose to grow in the future. Step two is ideas development, where we brainstorm together in order to define brand platform that will lead future creative solutions. Third step is implementation of the best ideas on the brand’s touch points.


AIESEC the global youth network
Abbatis / Canada
Agency For Energetic Efficiency
Balkans Iniciative For Tolerance Ngo
BCA Mosaic
Belgrade Drama Theatre
Bmilk / Macedonia
Cinnamon Production
Center For Nonviolent Resistance Ngo
Credit Agricole Banka
DADOV Theatre
Delta M
Direct Media PR
Dukley Gardens / Montenegro
European Commission / Belgium
FairPlay / Italy
Futurecoins / UK
Holiday Inn

Hotel Moskva
IntermediaNetwork Production
Innoveto / Swiss
Karanovic Nikolic Law office
Košutnjak Film
Letter&Sun Production
Lice Ulice
LIfe and Arch / USA
Life Design Hotel
Lpt Communications
Mara / Austria
Moose Records / UK
Nova Iskra
Olaf & McAteer
Opera De Production
Open Gold Corp. / Canada

The Chamber of Commerce of Serbia
Red Cross / Swiss
Re Munich Gmbh / Germany
Savath Hospitality Management
Samsara mind and body / UK
Securum Equity Partners / USA
Sbb Broadband
Smart Kolektiv Ngo
Swiscom / Swiss
Telekom Srbija
Tetra Pak
The MEN magazine
Total Tv
United Nations / USA
Yody Group / USA